Toki no Tanaka is an episodic comedy about the Tanaka family - mother and father Himiko and Akira, older son Satoru and younger daughter Sakura - who live in a Japanese town called Yakushi and the people and situations that make up their lives. Each episode is thirty pages long and each is an entirely self-contained story (think of them like episodes of a sitcom), so new readers needn't worry about getting lost in a maze of canon. Episode 1 is still probably the best starting place, but that's up to you. Just find the start of any given episode and enjoy! For the moment, new pages are being posted every Friday, but that'll reduce fairly sharply once I catch up with the old content. As for how sharply... well, we'll come to that when we get there.

Originally started as a (successful) university project all the way back in 2014, during which I grew very fond of the Tanaka clan, so I decided to keep up their exploits beyond my graduation. There have been some bumps along the way (it used to be hosted on its very own website, before eventually finding its way here and tere have been some shocking update delays in the past), but I'm determined to keep it alive and kicking. Hopefully, you enjoy reaing it!

Also, there are an awful lot of references to video games, particulary Nintendo's. Some obvious, some less so. Don't let it put you off if you don't know your Mario from your Xenoblade, though. The references are just a bonus for anyone who gets them; the real humour and story comes from the characters themselves.