Episode 2 - Page 4

21st July 2017 in Episode 2
Episode 2 - Page 4
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Jacob Saunders 21st July, 2017
They could probably demand a refund, or something.

(Originally posted in June 2015)


xwindows 22nd July, 2017
I vaguely remember that "We apologize for the delay" line from a documentary about Japanese train. They take their schedule very seriously, unlike my country's railway company where 2 hours delay is a regular occurence... OTL

Anyway, is it just me or Episode 2 was really placed earlier than Episode 1 in the archive?
Jacob Saunders 8th September, 2017
Heh, I don't think any nation takes its train schedule quite so seriously as the Japanese do.

As for the archive, that's the way that Comic Fury arrange it automatically, for some reason. I'll have to find a way to fix it because it definitely looks backwards to me.